Student Blogging Challenge 10


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*Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?
Answer: I visited the challenges on the blog almost every week, all by myself 🙂
* Which challenges were the most useful?
Answer: The challenges that were the most useful were the ones where we could go to different individual blogs, and comment on them because I got to have a chance to meet other people around the world!
* Which challenges were the most interesting?
Answer: The challenges that were the most interesting were making widgets because they seem fun, and make your blog seem exciting to people visiting it.
* What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?
Answer: I think that a great challenge would be explaining your everyday life, and what you do most of the time, just for fun! 🙂
* Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post?
Answer: I have trouble understanding the challenges because the directns are not that clear, so yeah…..
* Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?
Answer: Yes
* Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?
Answer: Well… I have no idea 🙂
* Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?
Answer: Yes because lots of kids have a blog, and we get to communicate with them overseas.
* Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?
Answer: I actually have my own blog, and a class blog ( go visit it! but anyways, I think that there needs to be more comments on everyone’s blogs, so that we can visit more blogs.
* Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular?
Answer: The challenges are great because you get to meet new people,and express yourself, just the way you want. It lets you show who you really are!!! 🙂

Hansel and Gretel (rewritten)


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I’m pretty sure you have all heard of Hansel and Gretel right? With the evil mother, and the witch with the candy house? Well, in my Language Arts class, we had to rewrite a play of our own! I choose to rewrite the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, and I hope you like it! 🙂 Please comment! Thanks! The play is below:

Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a poor old man, with his wife and his 2 children.

Papa: Ohh! I am so tired! I just can’t earn enough money to support my family! All I have left is enough money to buy bread!

Mother: Well, then work harder before we all starve to death!!!!!

Papa: I’m trying! It’s just that there are too many of us to feed!

Mother: Well in that case, listen closely. ( Mother tells Papa her plan)

Narrator: Mother tells Papa to take the children into the woods, and leave them there to solve the economical problems. (Hansel overhears)

Hansel: What? Papa! Please don’t take us to the woods! I beg you! I promise I will help you out as much as possible, and not eat as much as usual!

Narrator: (Gretel was told by her mother to go out and plant seeds to grow vegetables)

Papa: Wait up everyone! Don’t worry! No one is going anywhere! I love my children! I would never let them out in the woods to die, even if it was the last thing I did! But wife! How could you say such a thing about your own children?

Mother: No! How dare you disobey me! I am your wife! Now choose! Your children? Or me?

Narrator: Gretel finds a little surprise while gardening……..

Gretel: Huh?? Oh my goodness!!!!! Look at what I found! It’s gold! It’s gold! What a miracle!

Mother: Huh?? Oh Gretel! How much I love you! I am so glad that you are my daughter! How let us all go back to spend MY gold! 😀

Hansel and Gretel: Your gold?!?! I don’t remember you finding gold!

Papa: This is true! I no longer wish to have you as my wife! We are over! Now get out of my house, and never come back! Understood?

Gretel: But.. B..B..B.. But what happend?

Hansel: It’s a long story……

Mother: (Walks out the door) You will regret this day I tell you! You will ALL regret it! Understood?

THE END!!!!!

An Ode to my BMF :)s


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Who protects you?
Who helps you?
Who gives you advise?
Who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and you can’t take it any longer?
Who gives you lots of hugs and cares about you?
Who is always there when you need them?
Who do you share secrets with?
If you are smart enough, with all my hints, you should have answered your best friend.In my case, Nathalie.

Both sweet and kind, she is always there for me, when I need her. The one person that you can count on, and share secrets with. I can’t live without her. Always smiling, knowing that she cares about her, just like you care about her too. My BMF encourages me, just like the sister I never had. We are like peanut butter and jelly, except that I am jelly because I love jelly!

My BMF amazes me, with how wonderful she really is! She is my twin,and the other side of me. Her smile shines a mile a minute. She is fun-loving, just the way she is. I met her since pre-school, and I have known her ever since. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without her,but it is too horrible to think about.

Now, you may wonder what BMF stands for… Best Mexican Friend. Just for us, and I love it because she came up with it. My life would be a wreck without her, just like a broken heart

An Ode to my BFF


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Who is so sweet?
Who makes you giggle?
Who protects you?
Who makes you smile?
Who tells you stories?
Who loves Justin Bieber just as much as you do?
Who is always with you 24,7?

My answer to those questions is Kylie, my best friend. She is very kind, smart, and respectful. When she cries, I cry. When she smiles, I smile. When she laughs, I laugh.

We both like the same things, and we do everything together. My BFF is such an amazing friend. She is always by my side. Our friendship began in recess one day, in first grade,and I have been great friends with her since. Kylie makes me feel special.I don’t think that there is ever a day that she doesn’t make me laugh.

Who do you care about?
Who knows everything about you?
Who do you share secrets with?

Take a second to think about how your life would be without this one person. It’s terrible right? Kylie is a great friend, and I’m pretty sure she knows it.

End of school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It’s almost vacation! Who doesn’t love summer? I know I do! This school year has passed by so quickly, and before you know it, its summer time! I love summer vacation because you get to relax, and have fun!!!!!! No more homework and tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much plans this summer, far too many to name!:) Last summer, I went to Hawaii! I had such an amazing time there, and I can’t wait to see what fun activities there is to do! What are you doing over vacation? Any plans?? 😀

I Forgot


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I Forgot

         One rainy Monday morning, Brittney woke up to find herself in her dirty, undone bed, when she had only ten minutes to get ready, before the bus came to pick her up

          “Oh no!” she said.Brittney quickly changed into her clothes, put on her raincoat, and got her backpack. Then she went running out of her old little house, slamming the door. One second later, the bus driver arrived. “Hello Mr. Ben,” she said.

          “Good morning.” Mr. Ben replied. Then she quickly ran inside the bus, and found an old, dirty black seat next to her her friend Sally. “All aboard,” Mr.Ben yelled, and and off they drove to school. The bus ride took forever! There was so much traffic , and they were running late! Fifteen minutes later, the bus arrived at school.

       “Good morning Mrs. Rosa,” she said as she ran into her seat.

          ” Oh, good morning Brittney,” Mrs. Rosa replied. As Brittney took her seat,Mrs. Rosa asked the class to take out their book report that was due that day. Brittney  quickly opened up her backpack and took out her red folder. However, there was a problem! She could not find her report! She looked in her backpack, and found nothing. As Mrs. Rosa got closer, Brittney could feel her body trembling and shaking.

    “Where is your homework?” Mrs. Rosa asked?

    “I forgot it!” screamed Brittney! The she quickly put her face down on her desk, and her eyes became full of tears.

      ” Oh, well you do know that it means that you have detention after school right Brittney?” Mrs Rosa replied.

      “Yes. I do” Brittney said sadly. After school, Brittney went into the detention room, where all she did was just sit in a chair for 20 long minutes. When detention was over, Brittney found another note! It said ” MEET ME AT THE FRONT OFFICE!” Brittney quickly waited in the lonely, yet dark office, but she saw no one! The only people she saw were some teachers,and the students that also had detention. Brittney saw her old friend Kelly drop a note, and she chased after her.

     “Kelly, you dropped something,” she said, and she gave it to her.

     “Oh, thanks.”Kelly replied and took it away.

    “Wait a minute!” Brittney said suspiciously! She took the note back and read  “I SAW YOU.”

    “So it was you who took my report!” Brittney screamed out.

    “Of course it was me!” Kelly said angrily!

    “But why did you take it?” Brittney said sadly.

     ” Because I read your report,and it was perfect! It was much better than mines was, and you are always the better one! You took my spot, and that really hurt me!” Kelly screamed back.

  ” I didn’t know that yo felt that way.” Brittney replied.

  “I’m so sorry!” Kelly said after she realized that she had tears coming down on her face.

   ” Well, I guess that my report was the best, but that doesn’t give you the right to take it from me. I got detention because of you, and now, you are going to pay!” Brittney screamed out as loud as she could.

  “Noooo, please don’t tell on me!” Kelly replied, as she started backing away. Pretty soon, Kelly found herself running away.

  Later that day, Brittney had the guts to tell her teacher what had happened, She felt much better after she told on Kelly, and even if they lost their friendship relationship, Brittney was given an ice cream, to pay for the useless detention that she gotten. After the detention that Brittney should have never given, she decided to NEVER get detention again! Also, Kelly was suspended at her school for stealing, and she never bothered Brittney again!

The End!!!!

Hawaii Beaches


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Hawaii Beaches


Hawaii Beaches-10

You may have been to an ordinary beach, but sure enough, you have never been to such a beautiful beach, such as those in Hawaii. Hawaii beaches are wonderful places that attract many tourists around the world. Hawaii is located at the Pacific Ocean, and it is a little island. The beaches look spectacular, and they have wonderful views. Many people know the beaches of Hawaii , and they are very popular around the beach too. Hawaii beaches are very wide, and the reason why people visit the most is for the nice climate, and the clear waters. Even though Hawaii beaches sound like any other ones in the world, the beaches are unique, and they get many people to visit the beautiful paradise.

How Does Hawaii Look?


Hawaii beaches are very beautiful. They are wide, and even though the colors of the sand is mostly golden brown, there are still many different colors of sand.The beaches are very clean, and the water on the shores is a light blue color, so you can see through the clear waters! There are many rocks at the beaches in allshapes and sizes. Palm trees usually grow near Hawaii  beaches, and it makes them look natural and relaxing. Hawaii’s weather is usually hot, and it attracts more people to go to the beach each time. The beauty of Hawaiian beaches become even more beautiful each time because there are so many colorful marine animals in the waters, and once you get into the waters, you can’t get out because everything is so beautiful! 1. 2. 3.


The elegant islands of Hawaii are so popular because they are indescribable for its beauty and health. They are attractive because they have great climate and the weather is usually a bit breezy. Hawaii’s magnificent beaches are unique from other beaches because they are clear watered while most beaches around the world have waters that are much darker. The palm trees grow around the beaches along with the plants to create a spectacular look.The beautiful views and settings of the beaches are unlike any other and they leave most people with their mouths opened because it looks like a wonderful paradise. The beautiful beaches at Hawaii attract many people around the world because of the beaches beauty, and its passionate looks.
1. 2.


Many people do many different activities at the beaches o Hawaii to enjoy themselves like swimming and snorkeling. Most children can just start swimming and playing in the clear waters, and even snorkeling. A beach that is especially known for its great snorkeling adventures is Hanauma Bay. Snorkeling is fun for many people because you get to go underwater and see thee marine animal’s life structures. However, of course, you need equipment, and the good news about Hanauma Bay is that they rent gear to go snorkeling, without even having to leave the beach! You can see the colorful fish underwater, and you feel amazed by what you are experiencing.  Even though they are quite a couple of sharks that swim near the beaches of Hawaii, there are lifeguards to protect you, and the sharks usually do not get to close to the shore. There are so many activities at Hawaii’s beaches to do, and almost everyone is satisfied with the terrific adventures there. Hawaii is unforgettable!
1. 2.


Formations of Hawaii Beaches
A volcanic eruption formed the beautiful islands of Hawaii and the beaches there too. There are many volcanoes at Hawaii, and the good thing about it is that the more volcanoes erupt, the bigger the island of Hawaii gets. The Mauna Loa , and the Kilauea are the most active volcanoes at Hawaii, and they may erupt soon. Hawaii’s beaches depend of the volcanoes at Hawaii to get bigger and wider. The reason the beaches at Hawaii are so wide is because underwater volcanoes and volcanoes above sea level help it get wider each time a volcano erupts.If there were no volcanoes, they there would probably be no Hawaii either. Even though volcanoes can be harmful, we should be glad that we have them because they created something beautiful. The volcanoes created the beautiful beaches at Hawaii! 1. Author: Rubin, Ken

Even though Hawaii’s beaches may seem perfect, many obstacles challenge its beauty. Some of the obstacles that affect the Hawaii beaches are littering. People throw trash on the floor, and be careless, and they do not know that just a little piece of trash can hurt a living creature that lives at the beach. Sometimes, if there are too many people, they affect the beach because that is usually when matters get out of hand. Even though it may not seem dangerous, by touching the animals at the beach and especially feeding them, they can get sick and possibly die. Pollution is a big problem not only for the beach but for us too because the bad air can hurt us, and the animals that live at the beach. 1. 2.



Overall, Hawaii beaches are very popular beaches    for people around the world because of its beauty and activities to do there. Hawaii beaches are so blue, and full of life, that you feel like you are in a different world. Everyone enjoys the beaches, and who would not, especially after visiting the islands if Hawaii. Hawaii’s magnificent beaches are so colorful and they are natural. People take pictures to remember the beautiful places, and who would not enjoy going to a beach as wonderful as that! Overall, I think that Hawaii’s beaches are all wonderful in their own unique way.

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Everyday Heroes We Know: Diana


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          Diana A. was born in the capital of Mexico, and she is currently 24 years old. She lived in a big neighborhood with many caring people in it as a child. Everyone would get along, and her family was always together, side by side. The population always grew, but Diana left it there when she was two. Mexico is acknowledged for the big university that was established there too. It is well known, and many smart students go there. When Diana was only about two years old, she crossed the border illegally with her parents, and that is how she came to California along with her other family members. When her mom and dad became citizens of the United Sates, she did too. She was only four when she got a baby brother named David also. This was a joy to her because she had someone to play with until she started school.
          Some of her most complex situations that she had were when she moved to California. In 1988, Diana A. moved to California for a better life, but she came only knowing Spanish. Diana’s problems became worst when she started going to elementary school. She was like the 1 out of 5 students that spoke Spanish at her school, and she did not understand what other people would talk. It was hard for Diana to make friends by not being able to communicate with other children. Diana did not understand what the teacher taught her, or what she was learning. She thought school was hard, and she felt different from everyone else by seeing the other children being able to raise their hand when the teacher asked a question, and her not knowing what was the question. Even though Diana tried hard to learn, it seemed impossible to do it!  Not knowing anyone was also hard because Diana was one of the oldest cousins, and she had no one to help her.
          Even though Diana had many difficulties, she still tried her best to learn English. After a while, she was around many children who spoke English only, and she picked it up quickly. Just by listening to other children speaking, Diana would learn. She also got help from a bi-lingual teacher that would go visit her and other children, and teach them English. Diana devoted most of her time in school trying to learn English. Her parents helped Diana 100% as much as they could with her homework and hardships too, even though they also mostly knew Spanish at the time. Diana especially had trouble being able to spell because she would sound the words out wrong, and she still does, but she tries her best. In middle school, Diana proudly won an essay-writing contest award that she was not expecting. “I was not expecting to win 1st place at all and as soon as I heard my name, I was shocked!” she says. After that wonderful experience, she felt that nothing could stop her!
         Diana achieved her #1 goal when she learned to speak English. It can be hard for children to learn a new language when you are not familiar with it, and Diana A. was able to do it. After high school, Diana wanted to go to a college, and she did. She had applied to many colleges, but she decided to go to San Diego State University after she was accepted. Once Diana was involved in a therapy class, and she really enjoyed it, and it became her job! Diana went to college for 4 years, and she earned her bachelors degree. She now works as a social worker, and helps children their complications. “I enjoy my job, and I find it both relaxing and rewarding to be able to help children,” she explains. Diana loves her job, and every day she says that there are different stories or problems, but she looks forward to helping the kids. This wonderful girl spends her time helping children succeed in life as she did. Diana is an amazing girl, and that is why she is my hero!



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Over the summer, I went to a delightful vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii! I think it was one of my greatest experiences I have ever had, and I didn’t want to leave after we got there. I had fun in all of the days I was there, but my favorite thing I did there was when I went snorkeling in the water with the fish. The beach was especially designed to snorkel, and as soon as you step into the water, you can start to see fish. Right when I got to the beach, I knew that the day would be very fun. Without a second thought, I gave my mom my beach bag, and I quickly ran towards the beautiful, light blue waves. What made is faster for me, was that I had already changed into my bathing suit before we got to the beach.

The second I stepped into the water I started seeing many different colors and sizes of fish. I felt on top of the world! The water was so clear, that I could even see my toes! It was a bit cold, so I decided to go rent a snorkeling mask, while the water got a little hotter. I put in on with the help of my mom, and I ran as fast as I could towards the water, and I didn’t care if it was cold. After I was in the water, I wanted to put my head inside the water, but I was scared! I finally got my courage up, and I took a deep breath. One one…two….three…, I dumped my head in the water, and opened my eyes. It was so beautiful down there! I saw small fish, big fish, wide fish, thin fish, and colorful fish.Down there, I felt like I could never get bothered again, and I felt relaxed. It was such a great feeling! It was a bit hard to stay standing up though, because the waves were rough, and I could feel the little fish trying to bite my toes! My favorite fish I saw was an orange and black one. It was very bright, and I thought it was special because it was the very first fish I saw. I was having so much fun, until I was running out of breath, and I had to lift my head up again. I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced!

Later that day, I went for some ice cream, and I waited a little while to go back into the water. When I was finally able to go back into the water, I did not care how cold it was, as long as I was able to see the fish one last time. The second time I went it, I saw a crab so I screamed, and I started running back towards my brothers, I tripped and fell! I got all wet, but I had to admit that is was a bit funny. I had so much fun, and then I practiced my swimming, but I dipped my face back into the water. Wow! I felt like I could stay down there forever, even though I knew I couldn’t. It was all wonderful, until it was time to go home. I didn’t want to leave because back in California, there was nothing like this!

Right before it was time to go back, I dipped my face one last time in the water, and I saw a fish as big as the size of my hand! Wow! That was such a big fish, and in fact, it was the biggest fish I had see all day! When in was time to go, I dressed myself back into other clothes, and I started walking towards the shore. It was almost time to go back. I had to leave this beautiful paradise. I started backing towards the car, slowly with my head down.I knew that I would want to come here again, and that is exactly what I am planning on doing if I ever go again.

Hello Bloggers! :D


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Hello everyone! This is my fist post on edublogs, and I am really excited. My name is Susana and I am currently 12 years old. Almost all of my friends call me Susi and it is okay if you do too. I love people who can make me laugh, and my favorite colors are blue, green, and purple! I am in sixth grade, and I love  my school! I adore puppies too! Sometimes I talk too much, but I am fun, unique, and I’m one of a kind! When I grow up, I want to be a therapist because I love working with little kids! Since this is my first post, I am not sure what type of things you would like to see on here, and I was hoping you would comment and give me some suggestions! That would be great! Thanks and I hope you come back soon! 🙂

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